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With a huge heart and a flair for flavor, Laurie was a working wife and mother of three whose passion for cooking and family made an extraordinary impact on those around her. The daughter of a spice purveyor, some of Laurie’s gifts in the kitchen came naturally. But the rest was all Laurie—loving, energetic and creative. We lost Laurie too soon, but her culinary creations are still enjoyed today through Laurie’s Kitchen. To honor her legacy, 10% of the proceeds from Laurie’s Kitchen goes to Laurie’s Butterfly Foundation, which fights hunger in local communities.

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Warm Artichoke & Spinach Dip Mix Recipe

The warm, creamy goodness of cheese, spinach and articho...

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Cheesy Chicken Bake Recipe

 Ready in a snap, this hearty family favorite will be a ...

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Angel Hair Pasta with Roma Tomatoes and Fr...

This dish can be served as the side dish, or as an entre...

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Amy's Blog

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Family Meals: Eliminating the Distractions

In previous posts, we talked about meal planning and gathered the components, and everyone has pitched in to get dinner on the table.  So why is no one talki...

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Family Meals – The Recipe for Family Dinner Conversation

Does this sound like a familiar conversation in your family? “How was school today?” “Fine.” “Anything exciting happen?” “No.” “Well I had an exciting d...

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BBQ Spot

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Rub Some Grub At BBQ Spot

BBQspot.com is your spot for everything BBQ. Here you’ll find that anyone, from the novice to the champ, can enjoy championship BBQ rubs and sauces, award-wi...

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